Just How important is The Bridal Dress?

Bridal DressThe bridal dress is a key element of almost all weddings. Ranging from the simple to the extravagant, a bridal dress design can set the whole theme for the day and the choice can be influenced by all kinds of factors. There is a lot of talk about the financial constraints of a wedding budget, but brides who are willing to get creative can still have the bridal dress of their dreams.

The most popular colour for the bridal dress is white these days, but this is a relatively modern trend made popular when Queen Victoria chose to have a white bridal dress for her wedding in 1840. Prior to this there are only a couple of documented cases of white being chosen for the bridal dress, and certainly it would have been avoided by poorer brides because it would be difficult to keep clean and the opportunities for wearing the bridal dress again were very limited, even if they had it altered to a day dress of some kind after the wedding.

Brides have more choice in style of bridal dress than ever before and can take inspiration from iconic figures such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese who all brought their own personal style to their bridal dress. It is good to take inspiration from your favourite themes, colours, songs, movies or designers to narrow the field and help you source a bridal dress that really shows your personality.

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